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Hotel telephone system

The Benefits of Using a Hotel Telephone System

In the hospitality industry reputation is paramount and it can only take one small error to tarnish it with bad word of mouth advertising. Every impression counts, and it is vital for every customer that their experience is faultless from the moment they make a booking, to walking through those doors, through to checking out on their last day.

We all know happy customers in the hospitality industry brings more customers, as they share their great experiences. However, it is becoming more difficult to satisfy everyone when people are expecting more and more. Technological advancements have meant those in the hospitality industry need to keep on top and ahead of these changes in order to compete successfully. Every interaction needs to be calculated to build customer loyalty.

A hotel telephone system is an ideal way to offer guests an unparalleled level of customer service. It’s functionality also utilises your staff and resources to their best ability, whilst keeping costs down. The return on investment really is a no brainer for the industry.

If you are considering investing in a hotel telephone, to help you make up your mind, the following are some of the main benefits of using one in the hospitality industry.

Front of house integration

Integrating your telephone system into your server and CRM system is very powerful for the hospitality industry. Guests can be kept in the loop of everything going on at all times before and after they visit, any promotions taking place, and it can add extra personal touches, such as being welcomed by name when they make contact.

Repeat customers in the hospitality industry is key to survival and these personal touches that an integrated hotel telephone system can bring really contributes to those extra special moments guests will remember.

Cost effective solution

A hotel telephone system does not have to cost the earth to implement. There are many systems out there, which have an initial single cost, with no recurring monthly fees. Plus, modern systems can be installed nowadays without the need of any expensive and lengthy cabling costs.

With DECT technology, any hotels who operate across several buildings can all be serviced in one centralised system. Staff can be roaming and still be contactable through wireless technology.

Easier bookings, billings and administration

Increase your productivity levels with time-saving features for your staff making bookings, billing and administration tasks streamlined. Room rates, call costs, mini bar, restaurants, spa and more can be managed through a real-time status dashboard making billing faster and flexible. This in return will enhance customer service levels with faster response times.


Reports can be tailored to specific requirements, which can give a business a clear insight into how well it is performing. Key metrics can be measured, such as repeat customers and call handling, which can be monitored to improve the customer service being given.

Corporate bookings

Different revenue streams are important for long term sustainability and regular corporate bookings can be very lucrative for the hotels. Hotel telephone systems are more responsive by enabling features, such as custom direct dial and voicemail settings, plus automatic call routing. These extra details provide hotel staff with the tools to make a great impression, which will bring in more corporate business.

There are many more benefits to a hotel telephone system; too many to list! They are cost-effective, flexible, a great tool in building customer loyalty, increasing the productivity of your staff, and ultimately improving profitability on your bottom line. If you are interested to discuss how a hotel telephone system will benefit your business, please give us a call for an informal chat and to arrange a site survey.

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