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NEC Solutions

Exceed Patient Expectations With NEC Solutions

Quality of care is one of the top priorities for hospitals and care homes. Exceeding expectations of both the patients and visitors, by giving them a relaxed and pleasant experience throughout their journey, is key. NEC has many products that can help you to do just that.

Unified communications

NEC’s solutions help to streamline interactions between patients, staff and customers. One of the most frequent patient frustrations is reaching staff easily and they have solutions available to resolve this and to enhance communication between staff, whilst they are out on the wards conducting their rounds. Their Contact Centers provide a Unified Communications solution that ensures inbound contacts are routed to the most appropriate person seamlessly.

The result – less waiting time for the patients and a more efficient and productive workforce.

Mobile Solutions

Staff working in a fast-paced and busy hospital can be extremely hard to keep track of and communicate with. NEC offers a number of Mobile Solutions to ensure appropriate staff are contactable at all times. In addition, Unified Communications can be integrated to a call system to enhance its functionality and capabilities of connectivity between patients and staff members.

The result – improved response times and a better overall patient experience, which will lead to additional business through word of mouth referrals.

Digital Signage

NEC offer advanced Digital Signage to create a better patient experience whilst they are sat in your waiting areas, which can be for a lengthy time during certain busy periods. You can use the Digital Signage solutions to offer a mixture of news items, hospital announcements, promotions, and other health related information. Not only can this make patient waiting times more enjoyable, it can provide them with important information. For bigger hospitals, content can be tailored to specific departments and some of that content could be educational too.

The result – happier patients whose time spent waiting can seem a little less tiresome.

Self-Service Kiosks

Checking in for patients can be a laborious task and during busy times it can leave many frustrated with the amount of time it can take. Touch-screen Self-Service Kiosks take away this strain from patients, making it quick and simple for them to check-in, update their details, or schedule future appointments.

The result – a more integrated approach, making it easier for your staff and saving patient time checking in.


NEC’s powerful technology in Telemedicine can be very beneficial for hospitals in catchment areas that include people who live in remote areas. It allows patients to consult a doctor or specialist remotely and receive an examination and diagnosis without the need to travel the long distances.

The result – better patient care, without the need to inconvenience the patient in travelling long distance unless absolutely necessary.

NEC have a great range of products and solutions to ensure your hospital or care facility exceed patient expectations. Their solutions not only improve patient satisfaction, but they will help you to raise your quality of services, performance, and overall staff productivity.

If you would like to discuss NEC’s solutions available to see what would suit your business best, please get in touch with Eden Telecommunications today.