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The Importance of Audio & Video Conferencing in Business

Technological advancements have shifted the way we conduct business and how we communicate with our staff and customers. Through the Internet and social media, the world has become a much smaller place, with the capability of interacting with anyone from anywhere in the world, at any time we choose.

As a result, the way we work has changed. No longer are we tied down to our desks, as it’s becoming more frequent for employees to choose to work remotely. To accommodate this shift, employers are adapting and finding new ways through technology. Using mobile devices, adopting audio and video conferencing and other systems, businesses are able to adjust to maintain effective communication.

So, why is it so important for businesses to embrace these changes? Let’s take a look at the benefits of using audio and video conferencing in business:

Reduces travel expenses – It was not that long ago when all business meetings happened face-to-face, which involved travel, time and expense. However, through audio and video conferencing a company can save a lot of time and money.

Increases productivity – Audio and video conferencing can be conducted at any time, so you don’t have to waste additional time organising the meeting like you did before. You can easily start an audio and video call through your PC, mobile or other device simply, increasing efficiency and productivity.

It’s effective communication – Not only can you hear people’s voices, through video conferencing you can also see the people you are talking to, see their expressions, body language and instant responses. It’s much more effective than traditional email.

Builds good relationships with your clients – If your client has a technical problem, a video call can offer a quick and simple way to resolve the situation. Not only can they explain what the issue is, they can actually show you, and you can then guide them through how to solve it quickly and efficiently.

Keep connected to your employees – If you have employees working from home or out on the road through audio and video conferencing you can keep in contact with them at all times. It’s an extremely convenient way to stay in touch.

Improves teamwork – If you have large teams or members of staff at different locations, video conferencing will help to unite them. Employees can share information and collaborate to make better informed decision, which will lead to better working relationships internally.

There are numerous audio conferencing systems out there; Skype, Windows, FaceTime and Messenger, to name a few. All of which will offer you effective means of communication with your colleagues and customers.

For video conferencing, there are a variety of systems that will meet your business requirements. Polycom and Konftel are both suppliers we deal with, offering conference phones for every situation. They are able to guarantee a combination of functions and behaviours to ensure ease of use and commercial value.

If you are considering a video conferencing solution you need to ensure it can handle the demands of the current and remote workforce. The system needs to offer high quality communication to enhance your working relationships with both your colleagues and customers alike. If you would like to discuss your business requirements and are looking at implementing a video conferencing system, please get in touch with Eden Telecommunications Ltd today.