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NEC SL2100

The Launch of the NEC SL2100

The Launch of the NEC SL2100 – Built in Brilliance: Features & Benefits

The way we communicate and conduct our business has evolved massively in recent years: mobility, along with productivity is essential and customer expectations have increased. To continue to be effective across your organisation, your communications need to keep up with the changes and ever-growing demands of the customer, and this is where the recently launched NEC SL2100 comes into play. The SL2100 will incite your teams and create a great customer experience that keeps them coming back for more business.

Why Choose the NEC SL2100?

With built-in VoIP capabilities, the SL2100 offers excellent support for traditional telephony within small businesses and beyond, providing smart communications for 5-100 business users. With minimal hardware and licenses, it’s designed to minimise maintenance with an ‘always on’ reliable solution.

Value for Money – No recurring licensing costs, only pay for what you need.

Choice of Handsets – Choose from IP or digital, 12-24 keys, self-labelling, or IP DECT cordless handsets.

Stay Connected – Keep everyone up to date with single number reach, smartphone apps, web-based conferencing and unified messaging.

Easy to use – It’s user-friendly interface is so easy to use with its intuitive applications. Little or no staff training is required.

Keeping Your Communications Safe – Protect your business from fraud attacks with built-in apps.

Built-In Features

The SL2100 offers a variety of built-in features, which is hard to compete against. These features include:

  • VoIP Enabled
  • Voicemail
  • Music on Hold
  • Mobility / Remote Worker Support
  • Auto Attendant
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing & Collaboration (license required)
  • Call Recording
  • Web RTC (Real-Time Communications)

Enhancing Teamwork

  • The SL2100 will enhance your teamwork by improving the way your team conducts business, both internally and externally throughout the organisation.  Here are just some great examples:
  • Caller ID enables staff members to greet familiar callers appropriately and redirect without the need to answer.
  • Auto-Attendant feature enables callers to receive a greeting and be directed to the correct department, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • The conference feature allows virtual meetings for staff and customers, saving time, travel and expenses. Decisions can be made quickly and effortlessly, involving everyone who needs to be.
  • Drag and drop functionality makes it easier than ever to manage. Switch staff when they move desks, add new staff members or delete previous members with ease.
  • Communicate on the go or at home with my mobile client, as if you are still in the office.

Built-In Applications

The SL2100 has many key business applications built-in to save cost on the need of any additional servers and hardware, including:

InUC – a complete web-based Unified Communications solution. This enables staff spread across multiple locations to see if other members are available to talk or already on the phone. They can also send instant messages, click to dial and control over their communication history.

InUC also offers a web conferencing solution for members of staff to hold meetings with employees across locations or with prospective clients and existing customers.

InGuard – an effective and low-cost solution to protect your business against toll fraud attacks. This simple application can potentially save your business thousands.

Unified Messaging – the in-built Unified Messaging gives callers a self-assist menu, allowing them to direct their call to the right department, saving time, hassle and improving productivity and the overall customer experience. Any voicemails will also be emailed to the recipient so you will still get the message even if you are not in the office.

Saving You Money

With the many built-in features, the SL2100 can grow with your business. Pay for what you need, when you need it. You can also use your existing smartphone or tablet, as you just need InUC and ST400 apps.

The desktop telephone interfaces are designed to improve productivity within your organisation and the overall user experience, with notifications of messages, missed calls, staff status and the data protection mode. Whether you are looking for a basic single telephone line or one capable for multiple users across multiple locations, the SL2100 can offer something truly amazing to fit everyone’s needs and at a great price too.

If you are currently using old communication devices in your business that are no longer fit for purpose and your working environment, speak to us at Eden Telecommunication Ltd to see how we can help you to implement the next generation of telephone systems.