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unified communications

Unified Communications for Business

Integrating communication tools throughout the workplace is paramount for enhancing productivity and business growth.  Collaborative solutions that offer advanced communication channels within a business infrastructure, builds effective relationships with your staff and your customers.

NEC’s Unified Communications for Business (UCB) works with businesses as they grow, as solutions are immediate, flexible and fully scalable to suit the required business needs. A whole suite of tools are available to enable businesses of any size to collaborate more effectively.

UCB’s capabilities are harnessed through VoIP, fully integrating all communication tasks seamlessly. VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, and presence are just some of the collaborative capabilities available.

UCB will help businesses to:

  • Make more money
  • Improve efficiency
  • Cut costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Makes sure VIP callers get through
  • Quick connectivity with customers
  • Resolve customer enquiries immediately
  • Invest in the future
  • Improves business performance
  • Provides managerial information
  • Builds a media highway

Here are just some of the great solutions and applications NEC’s UCB can offer:

Knowledge Worker

Knowledge worker is great for company experts, specialists, department heads and executives. It improves productivity for all employees by combining the management of phone calls, faxes, voicemails, staff presence and internal chat from the computer.

Knowledge Worker will enable businesses to:

  • Increase productivity – Screen pop-ups will allow users to see who’s calling, with customer information, so calls can be prepared more quickly.
  • Save time – Click dial enables users to easily and quickly make calls.
  • Check availability of staff – With Calendar and Presence, the quality of service can be increased greatly.
  • Measure productivity – With Rich Presence you can see how staff are managing their time in real-time.
  • Reduce travel time – UCB Executive Conference enables staff to stay in touch whilst working remotely or from home.
  • Efficiently manage calls and messaging – Consolidating calls, emails and faxes enables users to work smarter.
  • Future-proof your business – The modules with UCB allows businesses to grow and adapt as and when required.

Operator Console

Operator Console is ideal for receptionists, Operators and back-up staff. It enables staff to manage incoming calls more professionally and efficiently, which in return creates a greater customer experience.

Operator Console offers a great return on investment because there’s minimal additional hardware investment, you can speed up call processing with mouse clicks and hot keys, increase sales with improved customer service, reduce call abandonments rates and record conversations to solve any potential disputes.

Operator Console will enable businesses to:

  • Manage calls effectively – Have a clear picture of calls, peak times, wait times and more with Console Reporting.
  • Save time – Click dial makes it quick and easy to make calls.
  • See who’s calling – Caller ID and Call history allows you to see who’s calling, when, and any missed calls.
  • See who’s busy – Rich Presence allows you to see who is busy when transferring calls.
  • See who’s waiting – You can instantly see number of calls waiting and caller ID’s to prioritise calls.
  • Instant Messaging – Staff can send instant chat messages to another employee when required.

Contact Centre

Contact Centre is ideal for call centres from 5 to 100 users and beyond. Managing your customer experience is paramount to success and UCB’s Contact Centre allows you to do just this.

Contact Centre will enable businesses to:

  • Improve customer experience – With screen-pops you can greet your customers by name.
  • Close the sale – With Rich Presence you can find that company expert.
  • Measure and manage your team – With customised reports you can judge their performance.
  • Match customers to agents – Results in quicker calls, email and web chat resolution.
  • Reduce loss of business – Callback feature allows customers to leave a message and receive automated call backs.
  • Deal with multimedia – Multimedia queuing delivers all of your communications to your agents in a similar way calls are delivered.
  • Motivate your team – UCB’s Snapshot encourages healthy competition between staff with performance levels being displayed in real-time.

UCB solutions release the productivity with organisations large and small. If you would like to find out more about NEC’s products and solutions and to discuss what’s right for your business, please give us a call today.