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Why the UNIVERGE SV9100 is right for your business

Good communication channels within your business can be the make or break of its success. Streamlining your processes with the right platform will make sure all phone traffic is regulated and all calls reach the right person, at all times. The UNIVERGE SV9100 will help you to do just this, whilst being adaptable to grow with your business and continually enhance your communication, as your business continues to expand and develop.

At a first glance, the UNIVERGE SV9100 is adaptable and effective from 10 to over 800 users and offers the following:

  • An P Unified Communications solution that is scalable
  • A licensing structure that’s simple to use
  • Unified Communications and Contact Centre solutions
  • Stackable architecture server
  • Reliable with a large range of end-points
  • Wide range of applications, devices and solution integrations
  • Single point configuration
  • Multi-line SIP client and multi-carrier support

So, let’s take a closer look…

With its exceptional warranty, the UNIVERGE SV9100’s technology will meet the demands of all your employees. It has one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction across Unified Communications vendors, whilst one of the lowest costs of ownership. It really is a smart investment to make for any business.

Its IT is extremely sophisticated, being one of the easiest to configure Unified Communications system. It easily integrates with your existing technology and its user-friendly interface streamlines everything from one location.

Built-in applications and apps include:

InUC – Unified Communications Application

With remote working and multi-site businesses, it’s often hard to get everyone in one room together. The practicality of video conferencing is becoming more paramount for businesses. With the UNIVERGE SV9100’s InUC (Real Time Communications), businesses can set up audio and video communications quickly between devices anywhere with an internet and VPN or LAN connection.

In addition, it’s functionality enables users to screen share and share documents for up to 32 users, making calls more interactive with live demonstrations and presentations be viable. It’s an extremely cost-effective solution, which uses a secure connection, and can work simply via Google Chrome on a PC or Android device.


InGuard offers businesses 24/7 defence from Toll Fraud. Telephone fraud costs around 25bn euro each year and that is rising each year. Any business is at risk of Toll Fraud and a single attack can costs thousands, or worst even bankruptcy. If you are at risk or worried about Toll Fraud the UNIVERGE SV9100 has a built-in application and it can be configured to your call activity.


Call performance is paramount to your businesses success on levels of customer service, as well as team productivity. InReports offers 24/7 monitoring and analysis of your communication and reports are provided in a variety of ways, including: charts, lists and wallboards. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective for management of your team’s communication performance.


Ideal for hotels of up to 120 rooms, In Hotel is a built-in comprehensive property management system, which integrates seamlessly with your telephone system. It’s simple and easy to use functionality increases staff productivity and lowers your running costs, whilst enhances guest’s experiences with you. Technology is built-in, with no maintenance or costs of extra PC servers, making it an extremely cost-effective solution.

The UNIVERGE SV9100 is one of Eden Telecommunications Ltd core products. We are accredited to offer and install this solution and believe it is one of the best out there on the market. Read our case study on how we helped Sandhurst Plant Hire and find out more here.

If you are considering the UNIVERGE SV9100 for your business or would like to discuss it in more detail to find out if it is right for you, then give us a call on 020 3544 5444.