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What is VoIP?

Many businesses are switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as an alternative communications service from traditional telephone lines. VoIP in basic terms, is a phone service that allows businesses to make telephone calls over their internet, which is significantly cheaper than through your local phone company.

VoIPUsing an actual phone is not always required with VoIP, as you can communicate without the physical telephone set. For example, Skype allows people to share instant messages, voice, and video calls for free worldwide. Skype was one of the pioneering services that made VoIP so popular.

VoIP is most certainly one of the most successful technological advancements in the telecommunications industry of the last decade. Here we take a look at some of its best benefits.

Cost Effective

VoIP has a massive saving on calling costs over the internet compared to traditional fixed-line calls. Therefore, it’s a great investment for any business. Sending and receiving calls are done over a business’s IP connection, with no need for costs to a fix-lined service. These calls can be made to any location all over the world, making savings against international calling as well.

Most VoIP packages also come with a wide range of features and benefits, which makes it a great choice for those businesses wishing to save money.

Quick Deployment

Businesses can quickly benefit from using VoIP because its quick, easy and cheap to deploy. There is no need to waste any money on expensive hardware or line installations. Most VoIP phones are usuable straight from the box, just plug in, connect to a computer and you are ready to go. It’s a great solution with minimal disruption to work.


With VoIP, businesses are given greater flexibility. It’s easy to vary the number of channels or active users on their network at any time. As a result, businesses can pay for only the services they use, which can be adapted through periods of growth or decline.


VoIP phones offer a number of features and benefits for the user. As well as making calls, the system works alongside many applications on the computer, such as email voicemail delivery, click to call on a website service, presence information, and many other productivity improvement features.

With these added features, business can be much more productive and efficient on the day to day running of their daily tasks. Customers also receive a much better service, which in return, results in better retention rates.

Remote Working

Employees working remotely is becoming much more common in today’s business environment. VoIP offers businesses support for remote workers, as calls can be made or received using the same number on any compatible device from any location, with internet access. This is great for those who are working from home or who are out on the road for most of their working day.

At Eden Telecommunications Ltd we empower businesses with the latest VoIP solutions that can really benefit businesses. We can supply from 1-100 users, depending on the size of the business, providing a range of handsets from Polycom to Yealink.

Our hosted VoIP product that is perfect for sole traders, or small businesses up to 5 users, starts from only £13.99 per month for a two-year contract and comes with a free of charge Polycom VVX300 handset. For an extra £1 per month, this can be upgraded so the user can also use this as a softphone on their smart phone. This comes with 300 mobile minutes and 2400 landline minutes per month.

To find out more about our hosted VoIP services, please click on the following link here, and call us to discuss your requirements on 020 3544 5444.