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The Net

telephone system

Earlier this year we moved The Net offices and the customer’s other book distribution firm to a large warehouse on Gillingham Business Park. The customer had a requirement to keep their existing telephone number. We advised the customer that a hosted telephone system solution was the way forward. Keeping their setup costs down and utilising the latest 21st century technology.

We provided improved data cabling throughout the building and worked in conjunction with their IT company to provide a fluid system using a Virgin Media leased line. This enabled the customer to have a high quality on their call traffic and use the hosted desktop solution for their business. Please read below what the client had to say about our services.

New Hosted Telephone System

“We needed a new telephone system as our existing one was more than twenty years old. Some of my friends had experienced poor quality and unreliability with “VOIP” systems so I presumed we would want a traditional landline system as we rely heavily on good telephone communications. However Jason persuaded me that the new hosted systems were much improved and would work well on the fast broadband we needed for the computer services we use between the two businesses.

The saving was so great I felt I could risk having to write it off if it did not come up to the standard needed. Six months down the line I am very happy with the system and would choose it on quality, not just on price.

I would recommend anybody who needs a business telephone system, large or small to talk to Jason Shuter of Eden Telecommunications Ltd.” Hamish Mackay-Miller, The Net.