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Data & Voice Cabling

How do you connect to your telephone and computers? At Eden Telecommunications Ltd we offer first-class cabling solutions to suit your business’s current and growing needs.  All our installations use the most current and up-to-date solutions, using the latest technology.

Our engineers have experience carrying out cabling installation in various industries, including education, healthcare, hospitality and commercial.  All our installations are fully compliant with industry standards.

All our cabling solutions include:

  • Initial free site survey to determine your requirements
  • Full installation and testing
  • Cable management
  • All equipment required, including cabinets and housing patch panels
  • CAT5 & CAT 6 structured cabling
  • Voice cabling
  • Ongoing advice on systems and project management when required

Cat5 & Cat6 Structured Cabling

We specialise in the installation of structured CAT5 and CAT6 data cabling. These two data cable types form the basis of all current structured cabling standards. Our installations range from a single additional network outlet to a complete structured system of 1000+.

So, what is CAT5 & CAT6 Structured Cabling?

Modern structured cabling systems are made up of central cabinets on each floor, housing patch panels, network switches and telephone system links. The patch panels are directly connected to floor or wall outlets, capable of delivering either a voice or data signal to the desktop, as required.

The individual floor cabinets are then linked, either via copper or fibre-optic backbone cables to the network fileservers and telephone system to create an integrated data and voice network. Additional signal types such as CCTV, public address, video and audio can also be carried across the same structure.

Office re-locations and expansions are therefore greatly simplified by the ability to patch any required services to any nearby available network outlet.

Voice Cabling

Traditional analogue telephone cabling is still widely used for business networks and we understand the importance of maintaining and augmenting existing systems alongside any new ones; whether it’s a comprehensive telephone network installation or adding a single extension.

We can install all telephone cabling, ranging in size from a single extension to 100+ pair links across your site, both internally and externally through either underground ducting or overhead catenary systems.

Give us a call to discuss your data and voice cabling requirements. If you are not sure what you require, our highly qualified and professional engineers will be able to guide you in the right direction and offer you the best possible solution for your needs.