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Mobile & Connectivity

At Eden Telecommunications we offer a range of business mobile phone and landline services, to ensure our customers have the best device and package for their business needs.

Business Mobiles

Working alongside our qualified Partners, we can provide the latest business mobile phones, tariffs and rates to suit your individual business needs. Our unique relationship with the major mobile networks means that we can offer our customers the most competitive prices for mobile phone monthly tariffs or SIM-only deals.

We can also deal with the networks on your behalf, thereby managing your business mobile telecoms become stress and hassle free to you.



The business landscape has changed, meaning the traditional mediums of communication are being superseded with high speed broadband. Let Eden Telecommunications steer you through to the right choice for your business; with tailored broadband packages to suit your individual needs. In the ever-changing world of VoIP and hosted the correct connectivity is the key to success. These are just some of the range of the connectivity products we can offer.

Below are just a taster of the range of the connectivity products we can offer:

SIP ASSURED ADSL – Future Proof option, with download speeds of 24Mb

EFM – A great value Ethernet option, with built in resilience, guaranteed speeds and great coverage

EoFTTC – Game changing technology offering very high bandwidth, connectivity at an outstanding value

MPLS – Optimal data-carrying service for heavy usage businesses, that rely on their data


In addition to the improved connectivity products we offer, we can still provide traditional forms of connectivity to your premises of telephone system equipment. These traditional routes still remain a strong and reliable form of communication.  If your business is not ready for the giant leap to the 21st century, why not choose from our portfolio of analogue lines to ISDN2/30 line products.

At Eden Telecommunications we work with our clients to ensure they have the best mobile and landline services that suit the individual business requirements. Give us a call today for a free non-obligatory chat to discuss the best options for you.